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    Discover the perfect solution for your RV towing needs with PopUp Towing Products’ RVGC Non-Cushioned Gooseneck Couplers. Designed for easy installation and versatility, our hitches accommodate various applications, making towing with a hitch ball a seamless experience. Explore our selection, including models like the RVGC 4200A, 4205A, 4210A, 4220A, 4225A, 4230A, 4235A, 4255A, and 4280A. The RVGC Gooseneck Coupler allows you to pull a fifth-wheel camper using a gooseneck ball without the need for an adapter. For more information about our RVGC Non-Cushioned Gooseneck Couplers, contact PopUp Towing Products at 800.837.8578.

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